Green Mine
In the work on the extraction and enrichment of non-ferrous metals, we use modern ESG standards, which allow us to operate our activities based on these principles:
responsible attitude towards the environment (E - environmental)

social responsibility (S - social)

high-quality corporate governance (G - governance).

The increasing demand for useful components required for modern technological development has made possible to find the most optimal option for extracting these elements from recycled waste.

The method of selective/solvent extraction and electrolysis/electrowinning does not produce emissions into the environment, does not require the extraction of ore from the from the ground.

Processing Tailings, Dumps, Waste dumps etc is essentially waste disposal with the concomitant extraction of useful components.

Our strategy
Involvement of mining companies’ tailings in processing to replenish the mineral resource base
Creation of jobs, attraction of new technological solutions for the extraction of useful elements
Tailings utilization with further land reclamation which have been used for tailings storage and reducing exposure on region ecology of Tailings, Dumps, Waste dumps etc, release of land used for storage of technogenic mineral formations and their involvement in environmental and economic activities, reducing the impact on the ecosystem
Compliance with all modern norms and requirements of the standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international safety and environmental regulations, investment in the development of human capital and technology transfer within the framework of the company's activities
    The Company maintains the highest levels of corporate governance by:
    • Conducting business ethically;
    • Transparent reporting on our sustainability performance and impact;
    • Ensuring compliance with all relevant guidelines and legislation in the field of corporate governance;
    • Ensuring that the company obtains and maintains all required permits and licenses for its operations;
    • Compliance with applicable mining, environmental protection and other relevant laws in our activities.
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